Make your own Rope Halter with the Knotty Horse JIG
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Tie a Rope Halter in minutes!

Making your own halter is EASY with our JIG because it helps you tie the most difficult knot on the horse halter. Namely, the Fiador knot. Our instructions take you step by step through all of the knots found in a traditional rope halter. The simple Blood knot (or double overhand knot) is easy once you see the videos. These are the same knots you will find used on the professional rope halters hanging in your local tack store. With our simple patterns you may NEVER BUY ANOTHER ROPE HALTER AGAIN.
Download our Free e-book "How to Make a Rope Halter" so you can experience the satisfaction and enjoyment of making your own communication equipment for you and your horse. Not to mention you will save money on every halter you need after that.
Build your own rope halters to fit any animal. Whether you have a young foal, an eager colt, an old mare, a donkey or a goat!
When you learn to make your own rope halters, colors, rope diameter, stiffness and other options can be customized to fit your needs and you won't be limited to just what the tack store has in stock.

Here's a sample off the DVD



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