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What is a fiador knot?

The fiador knot (also Theodore knot) is a decorative, symmetrical knot used in equine applications to create items such as rope halters, hobbles, and components of the fiador on some hackamoredesigns. It is a four strand diamond knot in which six of the eight ends loop back into the knot, thus allowing it to be tied with a single line.

Click to compare - Making a fiador knot with our JIG to making one with NO Jig

Here's a link to a popular ONE Page print out that shows a pretty good illustration of a fiador knot.

The origin of the variant name "Theodore knot", found in the United States, was suggested by Philip Ashton Rollins and related by Ashley, "When Theodore Roosevelt, 'the hero of San Juan Hill,' visited the Southwest, shortly after it was a foregone conclusion that the Spanish name 'Fiador' would be corrupted to 'Theodore' in his honor."

Considered a difficult knot to tie, cowboys were said to have been able to collect a fee for tying it. Clifford Ashley went so far as to include it in a chapter covering trick knots in The Ashley Book of Knots stating archly, "the trick is to succeed in tying it." More recent sources have shown a simpler method of forming the fiador knot. LIKE OUR Knotty Horse JIG !

Here's a popular DOWNLOAD for making a Rope Halter. It's FREE. We suggest you download it and take a look at the insructions for making the fiador knot. You'll see that it can be done without a jig, but for the same price (or less) as you'll pay for a good book or DVD on the subject, you can get the JIG, the Instructions, the DVD, and some rope to get started.

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